FOSSIL detects JTs and TNOs by searching for objects which move relative to the background stars in a sequence of images. The images below show a JT and a TNO discoverd by FOSSIL.

A Jupiter Trojan discovered by FOSSIL on 21 Augest 2020.
A Trans - Neptunian Object discovered by FOSSIL on 21 Augest 2020.

Objects can be classified by their rate of motion across the sky, as can be seen on the plot below. There are NEAs, MBAs, Hildas, JTs, centaurs, TNOs. write more stuff....

moing plot
Relative velocity of detected objects in ecliptic coordinates. The objects in the blue box are the JTs detected by FOSSIL, and the objects in the red box are the FOSSIL Hilda detections. The Trans-Neptunian Objects are in the clump onthe right. Rex will make a better version of this plot soon...

Summary of FOSSIL Phase I Detections

All data from 2020 have been analyzed. FOSSIL found:

206 TNOs

779 JTs

176 Hildas

7106 MBAs

22 NEAs